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behind. >> thank you very much. i am elected member here. my question touches upon mary's sentiments, so would like to know from each of you would do for the purpose of economic growth and prosperity? i personally believe it's to better improve people's well-being, feel free to disagree with me. how can we best leave it to achieve that well-being in particular over the next 20 or so years with up to 2030. >> a great question on which to end. but they go to the panel. >> one of the questions is losing the monetary and fiscal policies if there is a set of generations that aren't around the table. a lot of what we are seeing now is basically trying to achieve a dynamic in the economy that is unsustainable long-term and therefore we come to the detriment of future generations and therefore i am quite concerned that keeping monetary and fiscal policies very loose for an unsustainable long period of time might generate numbers we see now that looks good for current generations but actually come at the expense of future generations. i'm quite concerned in whether we are really trying to counter
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1